Pacote super econômico em Bordeaux: excursão para grupos pequenos para degustação de vinhos e almoço, além da visita na vinícola St-Emilion
  • Pacote super econômico em Bordeaux: excursão para grupos pequenos para degustação de vinhos e almoço, além da visita na vinícola St-Emilion

    Passe a primeira parte do seu dia experimentando todos os tipos de vinhos franceses no coração de Bordeaux, seguido de uma viagem até as proximidades de St-Emilion para excursões de vinhos e degustações em duas lindas propriedades vinícolas do château.

    Informacion Adicional
    "A confirmação será recebida no momento da reserva"
    "A idade mínima para beber álcool é 18 anos"
    "O tour pode ser cancelado se houver apenas 1 participante. Nós legalmente exigimos um mínimo de duas pessoas para operar o tour. Se assim for, entraremos em contato com o cliente e ele receberá um reembolso total."

    • Horário de Início10:30 AM
    • Ponto de partida: 3 Rue d'Enghien, 33000 Bordeaux, France
    • Duração: 9 horas
    • Cancelamentos e reembolsos: Para receber um reembolso integral, cancele com até 24 horas de antecedência do início da experiência.
  • Incluído

    • Guia local
    • 3 sessões de degustação de vinhos
    • Tours guiados em vinícolas
    • Almoço
    • 10 degustações de vinho ao longo do dia
    • Transporte de minivan

    Não Incluído

    • Gorjetas
    • Alimentos e bebidas, a menos que especificado
    • Recepção e desembarque no hotel
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    Nossos clientes

    • Graham K
      Postado em Jueves, 20 de septiembre del 2018

      Both the tasting sessions and the tour were fantastic!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Greg
      Postado em Martes, 21 de agosto del 2018

      The Bordovino Group that operates this tour was outstanding. Our guide walked us through how to view, taste and smell wines as we tried pure Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon and various blends. We had an excellent lunch prior to heading to two outstanding vineyards and a brief tour of St. Emilion. We were very comfortable with our vehicle on a very hot day.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • jjwalden2
      Postado em Viernes, 06 de abril del 2018

      An awesome introduction to French wines, a must do. We spent the morning learning about wine, how to small, taste and enjoy. We had a wonderful home baked lunch and then went to two chateaus for more tasting with a trip to the medieval village of St Emilion. Pierre certainly knew his wine and made the morning very enjoyable indeed. Our guide for the afternoon was Adele and she was also very friendly and knowledgeable.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Gerald S
      Postado em Miércoles, 04 de abril del 2018

      Great learning experience for the Bordeaux wine region. J was an excellent guide and extremely knowledgeable and friendly - including other areas of France!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Lisa C
      Postado em Domingo, 25 de febrero del 2018

      A great tour. Remi was a great guide for the day. He was very knowledgeable and taught me a lot about wine tasting and wines for different regions of France. He also made it fun too so that it did not matter if you did not have a good knowledge of wines and the different regions. St Emilion was very beautiful and it was great to break up the visit to the two wineries with the visit to St Emilion.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Karen M
      Postado em Miércoles, 24 de enero del 2018

      We had the best day of our holiday on this tour. Remi our guide was passionate and knowledge. We started off with learning how to taste like a pro, followed by learning about the regions and distinguishing the flavours and aromas. We had lovely nibbles of cheese, chocolate, sausage and lunch of quiche. Then we headed out to visit 2 Chateaus for more wine tasting and a wander round St Emillion. We would highly recommend this trip. Great value for money too.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Ian F
      Postado em Viernes, 24 de noviembre del 2017

      This was a terrific day! Our guide Remi was exceptional. We learned so much about French wine, the Bordeaux growing region, the town of St Emilion and we tasted some great French wine. We highly recommend this tour.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Elizabeth A
      Postado em Martes, 31 de octubre del 2017

      LOVED this tour. I was a solo female traveler - and loved every minute of this experience. The lesson was super informative - I am a novice at best. I wish we would have gone to more castle looking chateaus ... but that was quickly forgotten when we had our stop over in St Emilion to check out the CUTEST little old French village. It was a dream!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • June G
      Postado em Sábado, 14 de octubre del 2017

      A great trip! I learned so much and the tourguides and wine experts were all wonderful. We also got to spend time in the very quaint town of St Emilion. The food and the wine were great too!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • wartiv
      Postado em Domingo, 03 de septiembre del 2017

      Absolute fun and informative day. Reme and Estelle went out of their way to give us all the information we asked for. We are in the industry but learned a lot about the Bordeaux way things are done here. Highly recommended.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Cynthia K
      Postado em Lunes, 28 de agosto del 2017

      Fantastic experience! It starts with an education/tasting experience followed by lunch.....and then a short van ride to St-Emilon to visit 2 wineries for tastings. Our guide, Frank, was awesome!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • therese_penaverde
      Postado em Jueves, 24 de agosto del 2017

      This Bordeaux wine workshop and vineyard tour is something I can commend to everyone. We had an interesting tasting class in the morning with JEROME who is very patient and accommodating we were 8 wine enthusiasts who are either French or English-speaking. Then we were served quiche, salad, desert and coffee/tea for lunch in Bordovino apartment. After that JEROME drove us to Saint-Émilion where we visited first the Château Côte de Baleau. We had some short wine lecture again, then went around the lovely vineyard with its amazing ripening grapes, and then we were taught sniffing different wine aromas. JEROME was even kind enough to go beyond and picked some fresh figs direct from the tree for all of us to try! Then we drove to another vineyard, Château Fombrauge de Bernard Magrez which is opulent compared to the traditional family-run chateau that we earlier visited. Again for the 2nd time, we were served saucission and cheeses while tasting their wines. After that we visited the beautiful village of Saint-Émilion and have seen its historical church. I personally learned a lot for the day, thanks to Jerome who is French but speaks perfect English. We had indeed spent the sunny warm day beautifully and we will always treasure the wonderful experience we had in Bordeaux with our knowledgeable guide, Jerome. It was well done, real thumbs up! I will surely come back to Bordeaux to visit Médoc, Graves and Sauternes, definitely with Bordovino Wine Tours again. Thank you very much for the enriching and amazing day!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Christopher R
      Postado em Miércoles, 09 de agosto del 2017

      Excellent value for money. With the classroom teaching in the morning was followed by lunch. Very comprehensive teaching of the Bordeaux wine region with excellent knowledge and experience of the area displayed by the tutor and her colleagues .Then a trip out to two vineyards in St Emilion. Friendly driver / guide and we explored the vineyards, both inside and out going into all areas. Even sampled the wines there. Rounded off with a visit to the old town of St Emilion and a guided tour there.Great day - would do it again.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Betty H
      Postado em Martes, 04 de julio del 2017

      Wonderful day.
      Soline is very knowledgeable and made the whole day very enjoyable.
      Highly recommended.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Picko
      Postado em Domingo, 18 de junio del 2017

      The tour was very informative providing information on wine tasting, the visit to two wine makers the wines at both were excellent. I would recommend the tour to all those that are interested in wine.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Andrea L
      Postado em Viernes, 05 de mayo del 2017

      Super experience! Learned a lot about Bordeaux wine and had a great time

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • David B
      Postado em Martes, 25 de abril del 2017

      Great day out, we had limited time in Bordeaux and found this tour very informative and we it felt like we covered a lot in the one day and got to try plenty of great wine. Our guide was very knowledgeable and friendly also.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • gandlin
      Postado em Miércoles, 19 de abril del 2017

      A great experience. Our guide Remi was very knowledgeable and informative. The wine testing class was entertaining and fun as well as being informative. We also enjoyed lunch, visited two chateaus, one run by a large company and one run as a family visit, and visited the medieval village of St Emilion. A very enjoyable day.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Katherine R
      Postado em Lunes, 03 de abril del 2017

      The perfect intro to wine tasting and Bordeaux wine! The morning started off with a history of French wine followed by wine tasting! We had a blast creating our own blends. The 2 chateaux we visited were both unique and wonderful. We ended our day on a high note in St Emilion which is such a gem!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Wendy W
      Postado em Jueves, 16 de marzo del 2017

      The day was well planned and I felt I learned a lot from the different activities. The wine tasting was really interesting and taught me a lot about how Bordeaux wines were blended, something I hadnt realised was so complicated. Out instructor was friendly and patient and made everything fun. After a super lunch we went on a tour of the vineyards. The Chateaux chosen for tours and tastings were very different, one a family firm who were very proud of their long traditions where we learned a lot of the history of the area, the other a much more modern place and reflecting the new trends in wine making. Both were welcoming, and we brought bottles of wine in both, hopefully to keep and enjoy in a few years if we can resist the temptation to drink now. We finished with a guided tour around St-Emilion, somewhere I would love to return to. It didnt matter that it was February, the weather was like a spring day in the UK. It was a great day and I would highly recommend it!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Sheila S
      Postado em Sábado, 21 de enero del 2017

      Fabulous day! Bert was our wine tasting teacher and tour guide all afternoon. Knowledgable about the region and knows the two Chateau's we visited very well. Chateau's employees were as well knowledgeable and the wines at both fantastic.
      The added bonus to the day was a trip to St. Emillion for a walk around and Bert was very knowledgable and shared information all about Bordeaux not just wines. We learned a lot, great tour.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Sheila S
      Postado em Sábado, 21 de enero del 2017

      Bert was the best wine teacher and tour guide. We learned so much about wines and the Bordeaux region wines! Chateaus fabulous Bert knew all about them and the chateau tour guides very fun and knowledgeable. Added bonus a trip to St Emillion, Bert shared all about this small town and Bordeaux. Wines were great and group ! Fabulous day!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Russell G
      Postado em Jueves, 12 de enero del 2017

      Amazing tour. We learnt how single grape wines blend together to form the famous Left Bank / Right Bank wines of Bordeaux, and how to appreciate the individual characteristics of each wine. The trip to St Emillion and the 2 x Chateaux was fabulous. Winter it might have been but it only added to the magic of the trip. Chateau Dominic and Chateau Dauphine were pure dreams come true. We cannot recommend this tour highly enough. DO make sure you do BOTH tours back-to-back for an amazing full day experience

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Michael A
      Postado em Miércoles, 09 de noviembre del 2016

      The price maybe a lot but this is a must have tour. Colas, our guide, was very knowledgeable and even speaks two languages to please the french and non-french speaking clients. Food was awesome, by far the best quiche i had.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10

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