Degustação de vinhos em St-Emilion ou Medoc em grupo pequeno e Excursão à Chateaux saindo de Bordeaux
  • Degustação de vinhos em St-Emilion ou Medoc em grupo pequeno e Excursão à Chateaux saindo de Bordeaux

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    Passa por: Bordovino Wine Tasting Day Tours, 3 rue d Enghien, 33000, Bordéus França

    Desfrute de uma excursão com degustação de vinho da Bordovino, à tarde

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    "A confirmação será recebida no momento da reserva"
    "Deve ter 18 anos para beber álcool"
    "A idade mínima é de 10 anos"
    "O tour pode ser cancelado se houver apenas 1 participante. Nós legalmente exigimos um mínimo de duas pessoas para operar o tour. Se assim for, entraremos em contato com o cliente e ele receberá um reembolso total."

    • Horário de Início1:45 PM
    • Ponto de partida: 12 Cours du 30 Juillet, 33000 Bordeaux, France

    • Duração: 5 horas 30 minutos
    • Cancelamentos e reembolsos: Para receber um reembolso integral, cancele com até 24 horas de antecedência do início da experiência.
  • Incluído

    • Transporte em minivan com ar condicionado
    • Prato de aperitivo francês
    • Degustação de vinho
    • Oficina de vinho
    • Guia local

    Não Incluído

    • Gorjetas
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    Nossos clientes

    • Mary H
      Postado em Miércoles, 25 de septiembre del 2019

      This trip was fantastic, I did the 5 hour St-Emilion tour. Quentin was our guide and he was wonderful, highly recommend!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Monique B
      Postado em Miércoles, 03 de julio del 2019

      Yan was a fantastic guide! We only had one full day in Bordeaux, so this tour allowed us to take our time in the morning then meet up to leave. We went to two Chateaux, one larger and one smaller, both with incredible wine. Yan was also very knowledgeable about the wine making process and the many Chateaux around. Overall an amazing tour!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
      Postado em Lunes, 22 de abril del 2019

      Our guide Guillaume was friendly and informative. We had enough time in between places to really take in the Chateaux(s), experience the wine and walk around. We didn't feel rushed at all which was good. Even the car ride to and from was filled with interesting facts about the city's history and Bordeaux wine. All in all I highly recommend this tour for anyone (couples or solo) who want a great 1-day experience without doing any of the heavy lifting.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Lisa N
      Postado em Lunes, 19 de marzo del 2018

      This tour was amazing!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • venah.wellings
      Postado em Lunes, 05 de marzo del 2018

      Cannot fault this tour! From the moment we left with our Tour guide Jerome, we had the most amazing experience and learnt so much about St Emilion, wine and much more. Truly worth every penny spent...

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Erin C
      Postado em Domingo, 28 de enero del 2018

      Highly recommended - very knowledgeable guide and good choice of wineries

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Gladys C
      Postado em Miércoles, 27 de diciembre del 2017

      Great wine tasting tour of small family owned and larger wineries. Guide was very knowledgeable. Although, he spoke Spanish a lot because there was a Spanish couple but more English speaking group got annoyed.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Rebekah S
      Postado em Viernes, 10 de noviembre del 2017

      This tour was a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Worth it to see some of the countryside surrounding Bordeaux. The 2 wineries visited were both stunning but the highlight was the town of St Emilion. Our guide, Remi, was super knowledgeable of both wine and history. Highly recommend.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • kathyanddavid
      Postado em Lunes, 30 de octubre del 2017

      Our tour was a focus on the sights and tastes of the St Emilion wine region near to the beautiful city of Bordeaux. Everything about the day tour was first class the guide, transport, sightseeing and the wine tasting. For people who have a strong interest in learning about the best in French wines this tour is a must small tour group, gorgeous vineyards and chateaux and an easy and friendly approach to the tastings of the best vintagest with great food also skimping there at all.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • kathyanddavid
      Postado em Lunes, 30 de octubre del 2017

      After a fantastic day touring and tasting the best French wines in the St Emilion area near to Bordeaux, we decided to follow it up the following day with another tour of vineyards and wineries this time in the Medoc area. We were certainly not disappointed and once again we had a memorable experience provided by friendly and knowledgeable guides and the owners and winemakers who happily opened up their facilities, processes and gorgeous chateaux to us. The tour gave us the ability to compare and contrast the wine styles and tastes in the Medoc with those in St Emilion which we had experienced the previous day. We can't recommend these tours highly enough and, whether you just want to experience the best in French wine and food accompaniments, or you are serious about your choice of wines and want to taste the best, this may well be the tour for you.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Gail W
      Postado em Domingo, 29 de octubre del 2017

      Our guide was fabulous! Very knowledgeable and personable. Everyone loved her. The scenery is breathtaking, and the vineyards we visited in St-Emilion were amazing. Nice tastings! I bought a very nice bottle that I was told would be good for 20 years. I plan to drink it way before that time!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Denise P
      Postado em Martes, 24 de octubre del 2017

      This was a fabulous tour of two very different chateau vineyards. The tour guide was very knowledgable about the area, although the wine tastings were conducted by experts from the vineyards themselves. St-Emilion is a delightful little town.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Grace L
      Postado em Lunes, 09 de octubre del 2017

      This was exactly what I had wanted. Small group of 8 people, St-Emilion wine tasting and a wonderful driver/ guide. I could only fit into the 1/2 day trip because the full day, small group wouldn't take a single person. That would be my only complaint, is that people traveling solo are limited to a very few choices unless they go on the big group tours.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Maria S
      Postado em Lunes, 09 de octubre del 2017

      This tour was amazing!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Trond Viggo J
      Postado em Domingo, 24 de septiembre del 2017

      This is a very nice setup indeed, with the small group option being rather important - so that you don't have to sit with 50 other people. On this trip we where only 6 people 2 did not show.

      The woman driving us around and showing us both the two wine producers and the town of Saint Emilion itself, was very nice. Her english was perfect and communication was very easy. She also was an all in all likable person and fun to be around. So you felt that this was just not another round with the tourists, she took pride and showed interest. So important.

      We visited a small and a large producer, saw all the different stages, had tastings - got to pick some grapes for tasting to. All in all a very nice experience - I would recommend this to everyone visiting the area.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Andrea L
      Postado em Viernes, 15 de septiembre del 2017

      This tour was amazing!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Robert F
      Postado em Lunes, 11 de septiembre del 2017

      Great guide. Loved that they take you to one big and one small family vineyard. The small group size is a nice plus.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • David G
      Postado em Miércoles, 06 de septiembre del 2017

      Wow getting to know wine and the beautiful village of St Emillion. A wine experience that shouldn't be missed.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Wimala B
      Postado em Miércoles, 23 de agosto del 2017

      I love this tour. The tour Leader Manon was very informative. 2 Chateaus we visited were great and great comparison one over the other. What a contrast. I wished that we would spend more time at St Emilion village, we were there only for 10 minutes, I could stay there for 1 hour.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • joseph i
      Postado em Miércoles, 23 de agosto del 2017

      Our guide was very knowledgeable about the entire Bordeaux region. The wine tasting at two vineyards was fun and educational. I highly recommend this tour.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Kyo N
      Postado em Domingo, 13 de agosto del 2017

      Visited Chateau Soutard, Chateau Baleau and Sain Emilion. Enjoyed some wine tasting, looked at wine making processes. It was a good experience.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Daniel W
      Postado em Jueves, 10 de agosto del 2017

      The tour Medoc was very well organized with a lot of personal flavor guide: Louis and competent, charming explanations by the local staff in the Chateaux. It did not feel at all like just a program execution, but more like a joyful afternoon with a lot to discover, taste and learn.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • kailing
      Postado em Lunes, 31 de julio del 2017

      We went to St-Emilion for half day. The chateaus we visited are Chateau Soutard, Cahteau Cote de Baleau and we also went to Jubile de Saint Emilion. I like both of chateaus where we visit!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • cirving496
      Postado em Lunes, 31 de julio del 2017

      Great fun, lots of information and well worth the money!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10

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