Aventura de 4x4 no Vale Sagrado saindo de Cusco
  • Aventura de 4x4 no Vale Sagrado saindo de Cusco

    Faça uma excursão aventureira de quadriciclo 4x4 para ver alguns dos locais mais interessantes do Vale Sagrado. Sinta a adrenalina de ter o controle total de um veículo off-road enquanto dirige ao longo de estradas de terra nas montanhas, em poças, passando por campos e vilas e curtindo o ar puro andino.

    Embarque em sua acomodação e siga para Cruz Pata, uma pequena vila onde a aventura de quadriciclo começará. Depois de uma instrução de segurança, pise no acelerador e comece pela zona rural de Moray, sua primeira parada do dia. Procure os antigos terraços Incas circulares e maravilhe-se com a engenharia da antiga Inca. Conecte-se com a Mãe Terra, (La Pachamama) e saiba como a cultura andina vive em harmonia com a natureza que a rodeia.

    Continue seu passeio até as "Salineras", minas de sal para uma rápida visita para ver como os habitantes locais vivem do sal que é produzido aqui. Tenha tempo livre para comprar souvenirs, se desejar. Embarque novamente em seu veículo 4x4 e faça a viagem de volta a Cruz Pata, onde você devolverá o seu quadriciclo e equipamentos e, em seguida, pegará o traslado de volta para Cusco.

    Observação: o horário de retorno é aproximado e as excursões à tarde podem sofrer atrasos devido ao tráfego no caminho de volta para Cusco.

    Informacion Adicional
    "A confirmação será recebida no momento da reserva"
    "A idade mínima é de 16 anos"
    "Uma carteira de motorista válida é exigida no dia da viagem"

    • Ponto de partida: Parte do seu hotel em Cusco
    • Duração: 6 horas
    • Cancelamentos e reembolsos: Para receber um reembolso integral, cancele com até 24 horas de antecedência do início da experiência.
  • Incluído

    • Retirada do hotel
    • Equipamento 4x4 ATV
    • Líder de turismo local
    • Gasolina
    • Transporte completo

    Não Incluído

    • Taxa de entrada para o sítio arqueológico de Moray (s / .70)
    • Taxa de entrada para salinas (s / .10)
    • Guia de conversação em inglês
    • Almoço
    • Gorjetas
  • 9/10

    Recomendação Passageiros 90%
    Avaliação com base em 16 Críticas Verificadas

    Nossos clientes

    • Maria V
      Postado em Jueves, 02 de agosto del 2018

      When we were supposed to go on that tour, there were some local strikes and roads were barricaded. The agency offered us a different tour instead, and it was very interesting. Cusco and sacred Valley are such beautiful places, that I am sure quadbike tour would have been a great experience!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Armando D
      Postado em Miércoles, 11 de julio del 2018

      The guys running the tour were very professional, helpful and knew what they were talking about. I was very impressed with the area, salt mine and the tour.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Stephen K
      Postado em Martes, 07 de noviembre del 2017

      Great day out. On the day we had the option of either visiting an Inca site or see more of the countryside. We opted for the countryside route. It took us to a lake and through little villages. First time on a quadbike and it was incredible fun. Scenery was stunning. Guides on the day were great however one of the operators at Bamba HQ in Milhouse hostel who the tour was with was a little rude to me. Other than that, all was fantastic. Fun day out. Just bring clothes you don't mind getting covered in dust!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Sean A
      Postado em Lunes, 16 de octubre del 2017

      This tour was really good. We had a short practice on the 4wd bikes and then went for a site seeing ride. The salt works was interesting and we got to see beautiful landscapes. All safety equipment was provided. At the end we were able to enjoy some local beers. Very friendly staff.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Peiney T
      Postado em Lunes, 16 de octubre del 2017

      Tour was late picking us up, but still made it out and back on time. Our guide catered to our wishes, since we had already seen 4 archealogical sites, he recommended we go out to a lake for photos and the scenery. The salt mines were amazing, can't believe all the work that goes into making salt! You don't stay long at the mines but the draw is definitely riding the ATV through the country side with the beautiful Andes mountains in the background.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Lori N
      Postado em Sábado, 07 de octubre del 2017

      OMG! Unbelievable tour and guide. Beautiful scenery--great way to spend the day.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • William F
      Postado em Domingo, 25 de diciembre del 2016

      If you are looking for something a little adventurous while in Cusco this is the trip for you. It was a great way to see the valley and some of it's sights!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Kimberly K
      Postado em Lunes, 31 de octubre del 2016

      This was sooooo much fun!!! I was really nervous since I had never driven a 4x4 before but the guides are very helpful within 10mins I was very comfortable with driving. the scenery is amazing such a beautiful trip!! I was in cusco for 2 weeks and this was the funnest thing I did by far!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Jennifer D
      Postado em Domingo, 19 de junio del 2016

      Amazing way to see the sacred valley! It was fun but prepared to get very dirty. Saw so much in a short period of time!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Daniel L
      Postado em Miércoles, 01 de junio del 2016

      Really nice and different event. Our guides were really nice and cool and made of this an especial adventure indeed. Best choice I ever made. Really happy!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • retrovision_vixen
      Postado em Miércoles, 06 de abril del 2016

      Was a lot of fun! The only part I didn't like was that we were not dropped off at our hotel as promise. Ronny with Peru Andes Top was very nice!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Adam B
      Postado em Martes, 06 de diciembre del 2016

      Pros: plenty of time spent on the bike - you definitely get your money's worth, beautiful scenery, enjoyable trip, easy for beginner drivers. Cons: our pickup was 30 minutes late, it takes two hours to get from Cusco to the Sacred Valley which was a little too long in our opinion - by the time you get back you've spent 4 hours in a car, our group was all spanish-speakers except for us so our guide catered to them - we got super abbreviated descriptions of our stops due to the language barrier, both sites visited required an extra fee paid in cash when we arrived - they should seriously just be included in the total cost, the sites are cool to see but you're not actually at the salt mines - you just stand on a hill overlooking the mines way down in a valley below - kind of a ripoff to even have to pay for that. Overall: We did enjoy this excursion, but it wasn't an ideal value for money. Not five star-worthy.

        Qualificação Geral: 8/10
    • Sheila F
      Postado em Martes, 31 de mayo del 2016

      Ronny was great! Very fun, full of information. The bikes were great. Terrain was doable and exciting. My gripes, however, they picked us up late they said they had the wrong hotel? yet I had confirmed by email as requested. For an afternoon trip, this is bad because it cut down our time because it got dark. Secondly, there was basically no facility at the site where got the bikes. Had to drive home filthy dirty I don't mind getting dirty, but a hand washing would have been nice!. If you purchase this trip you will enjoy it.....but DO confirm pick up! Thanks Ronny!

        Qualificação Geral: 8/10
    • Eric W
      Postado em Domingo, 15 de octubre del 2017

      Tour was okay. Did not get much information about sites visited. It was more a photo opportunity.

        Qualificação Geral: 6/10
    • blueigal15
      Postado em Lunes, 11 de julio del 2016

      I was unable to use this booking, due to the fact that the hotel I was staying in was in the wrong city. I had informed that were I was staying, but the company did not relay to me the problem in enough time to correct it. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!! I will never go thru Viator or Bamba Experience again!!!

        Qualificação Geral: 2/10
    • Ryan S
      Postado em Domingo, 26 de junio del 2016

      This tour was not at all what we thought we were getting. We had to call Viator to help us while on the tour. First off, our guide did not speak English. Luckily another member on the tour spoke Spanish so she was able to translate a bit. So as far as a tour goes, there was little to no communication with the guide who was explaining the ruins in Spanish to an English speaking audience.
      All of a sudden our guide left us in this tiny village in the middle of nowhere without telling us what was going on. Eventually a new person came over maybe 30 minutes later to tell us two others in our group had flipped in their ATV. By now about an hour had passed. We had to be back at our hotel no later than 1:30 to get to the airport. So unfortunately we did not even get to finish our tour and go to the Salt Mines. Eventually this new guide took us back to the little garage in the middle of nowhere under the assumption that a car was supposed to take us back to the hotel. This car had my bag with my belongings still in it. Then the guide left us. So me, my husband and 2 friends have now been abandoned in the middle of nowhere alone. No guide. Nothing. We had absolutely no idea what was happening or when someone was coming for us. I had to call Viator who eventually got in contact with someone to help us. After about 45 minutes, another guide came and told us the car with my bag was an hour away back in Cusco where our hotel was. We were now already late. Luckily the girl who spoke spanish on our tour came back from the hospital she had to stay and help translate for the couple who flipped over in their ATV. It was arranged that we now had to find a taxi to drive us 45 minutes back to our hotel in the city. The car that was there in the city dropped my backpack off at the hotel.
      There were moments on the ATV ride where the sites we beautiful and we saw amazing landscape. In that regard, we were happy. However the fact that we had to experience everything was awful.

        Qualificação Geral: 2/10

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