Viagem diurna ao Vale do Ourika, saindo de Marraquexe
  • Viagem diurna ao Vale do Ourika, saindo de Marraquexe

    Conheça o belo Vale do Ourika nesta viagem diurna saindo de Marraquexe. Passeie em um ônibus com ar-condicionado com o seu guia pela Cordilheira do Atlas e visite sete cachoeiras de Setti Fatma para oportunidades de fotos fantásticas. Seu dia tranquilo e relaxante em magníficas paisagens do vale terminará por volta das 17h em Marraquexe.

    Saia de Medina, em Marraquexe, por volta das 9h em seu veículo particular com ar-condicionado e siga para o Vale do Ourika. Sua relaxante jornada pela Cordilheira do Atlas irá levá-lo até a pequena vila de Setti Fatma. Após uma breve caminhada, você testemunhará a encantadora cachoeira e o vale ao redor. Seu motorista irá deixá-lo de volta em Medina, em Marraquexe, por volta das 17h.

    Informacion Adicional
    "A confirmação será recebida no momento da reserva"
    "Por favor, digite seu número de telefone e seu código de país."
    "As crianças devem estar acompanhadas por um adulto"
    "Sem acessibilidade para cadeira de rodas"
    "Acessível para carrinhos de bebê"
    "Perto de transporte público"
    "Bebês devem permanecer no colo"
    "Não recomendado para viajantes com problemas de coluna"
    "Não recomendado para grávidas"
    "Contraindicado para quem tem problemas cardíacos ou outras doenças graves"
    "Os viajantes devem ter condicionamento físico razoável"
    "Esta excursão/atividade terá até 99 viajantes"

    • Horário de Início9:00 AM
    • Ponto de partida: Diaffa, 16 Derb Jdid, Marrakech 40030, Marrocos

      O produto oferece traslado
      Se você estiver hospedado em:
      - Cidade Nova: Free Hotel Pick-up em Marrakech.
      - Medina: O local de retirada será o local acessível mais próximo ao seu riad,

      Mini onibus

    • Duração: 1 dia
    • Cancelamentos e reembolsos: Para receber um reembolso integral, cancele com até 24 horas de antecedência do início da experiência.
  • Incluído

    • Guia local
    • Transporte em minivan com ar condicionado
    • Recepção e desembarque no hotel

    Não Incluído

    • Bebidas
    • Almoço
  • 9/10

    Recomendação Passageiros 90%
    Avaliação com base em 15 Críticas Verificadas

    Nossos clientes

    • Darren B
      Postado em Lunes, 15 de abril del 2019

      Hasan was a great guide, very knowledgeable. We were in a small group and stopped at an Argan Oil co-operative on the way - no pressure to buy. Ourika Valley and the mountain hike was great - need to be in good physical shape for some parts. Amazing views. Lunch was a set price menu - more expensive than you’d usually pay - 120 dirhams each. Stopped briefly at a Berber house on the way back. Great day out and nice to be away from the busyness of Marrakech for a while.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • aitorparada
      Postado em Miércoles, 28 de febrero del 2018

      Great tour! We stopped for an optional panoramic camel photo, stopped for tea and bread at a Berber house, and again at an argan oil cooperative. The prices at the cooperative were more expensive than in Marrakech but we preferred to buy here and support local villages. The hike was really great, you do have to go over rocks and water so do bring walking boots or comfortable trainers saw some people trying to do this in flip-flops!!!!. Keep in mind you are at a higher altitude so it is colder than Marrakech. Our guide in the mountains was great and spoke English very well, and we tipped him a small amount. Before heading back we stopped at a restaurant where there is a menu for 120 dirhams, more expensive than in Marrakech, however keep in mind that you can order separate items without getting the full menu which means you can pay around 60-90 per person, and the food was very good.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • anaalonsopelaez23
      Postado em Lunes, 26 de febrero del 2018

      Our Ourika Valley experience was great! Our pick-up was nice and easy and our driver very funny and friendly! You get to walk through the mountain, you have quite a few stops for pictures, you will see a waterfall, be able to shop, etc. It has a little bit of everything to make a perfect day trip! Beautiful scenery.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Natasha M
      Postado em Martes, 06 de febrero del 2018

      This tour was amazing! Our tour guide was very helpful and took us up to the mountains. We had a lovely lunch by the water. Would definitely recommend this :

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • monica
      Postado em Miércoles, 10 de enero del 2018

      Amazing one day trip. If you go in the winter period you can enjoy snow too . Lovely Mountains too , visiting berber village before to arrivederci to ourika . Eveybody will enjoy the trip. Thanks to marrakesh travell . Great service for tourists.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • monica
      Postado em Miércoles, 10 de enero del 2018

      Amazing one day trip. If you go in the winter period you can enjoy snow too . Lovely Mountains too , visiting berber village before to arrivederci to ourika . Eveybody will enjoy the trip. Thanks to marrakesh travell . Great service for tourists.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Guillaume F
      Postado em Lunes, 13 de marzo del 2017

      Une journée forte agréable à la découverte du Haut-Atlas. Des vues et des paysages somptueux! Notre guide Abdel a été fort sympathique et nous à fait profiter de ses connaissances de la région ainsi que de sa culture personnelle. Une belle rencontre!
      Notez qu'il s'agit là d'une randonnée en montagne, que nombre de passages sont difficiles et parfois même périlleux.
      Ainsi je conseille fortement cette excursion, sauf si vous avez du mal à vous déplacer ou que vous êtes accompagner de jeunes enfants.

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Fanny C
      Postado em Viernes, 10 de febrero del 2017

      Paysages magestueux, dépaysement totale, rencontre avec la population, des gens simples, humbles, plus qu'accueuillant, qui compte tenu de leur mode de vie nous font remettre en question .....
      Attention, beaucoup beaucoup de marche, limite escalade !!!!! mais ça vaut le coup et encore une fois le guide a été parfait, à l'écoute .....

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • Barnabas T
      Postado em Martes, 29 de noviembre del 2016

      This trip was very nice and gave us insights into Morocco from multiple aspects. Both our driver and our guide at Ourika Valley were very skillful, modest and they had good command of English. We weren't pushed to buy and our guides didn't ask for any extras at the end of the day. These are small, but very precious details. I really liked the berber house we visitied during the day, the guide showing around was absolutely fantastic, good English, very nice and thorough explanations on how things work. The trekking was also nice, absolutely doable, but you better to wear closed shoes with good grip. This trip was a very good value for money!

        Qualificação Geral: 10/10
    • xoticpics2
      Postado em Martes, 02 de enero del 2018

      The trip was great as well as our guide. With shared tours the thing to worry about the most are the people you share the tour with. One couple were expert hikers and came with walking poles and hiking gear. They kept rushing the slower solo lady n the tour and my wife, who were scared of some of the climbs we had to do. They wanted to venture way past the falls on n optional tour which has a lot of climbing and walking on some rugged terrain. So be prepared for a lot of walking and wear good shoes as well flip-flops are not recommended in my opinion. There are many beautiful pictures to take especially by the stream as well as by the waterfalls. I did not get to see as much as I wanted because the expert hikers took the optional tour I went with them and we agreed to meet with our driver at the bottom where we started where my wife and the solo lady were. We took the optional tour which was not as grand as the waterfalls really. However, our guide on this tour was mainly speaking in Italian and when he finished his tour he told the experts something and they told me we had to walk to the car and meet our guide. Got to the car and he was not there. So they wanted to simply go to a restaurant to eat because they were hungry and did not want to wait. I said I would stay by the van to make sure I don't miss the others and have them walking all over looking for us. Maybe 30 minutes later the guide and others do show up by the car and they were waiting for us where they said they would. I tell this story because I have had issues much like this on a lot of shared tours other grown adult couples don't meet when and where agreed and it causes others to lose tour time. So make sure it's agreed where to meet and what time and a CLOSE backup place to go to possible eat/wait if not there. Its no way to make things 100, but it helps save time.....I have had to wait an hour on many trips because others did not come back on time and then the tour guide has to go look for them while others lose time doing nothing,

        Qualificação Geral: 8/10
    • nasn06
      Postado em Jueves, 04 de mayo del 2017

      The Tour was great. We got picked up from our hotel in a mini bus with a small group and headed towards Ourika Valley. The Driver makes a stop at a shop to take photos of the atlas mountains on the roof top. From there we drove for 45 minutes or so towards the valley. The trip is scenic with water and mountains on both sides. On the way there, they make a stop at a Argan oil and spice shop, where they show you how its made. They say you don't have to buy anything and I definitely wouldn't because you can get all the stuff for a much cheaper in the Madina, but they dont force anything upon you. 20 minute stop. From there they continue heading towards the valley. Once we reached our stop, we began our hike up the mountain.

      It is a 1.5 hour hike, so be PREPARED! wear comfortable shoes and pack light. the hike is definitely worth it and breath taking! Just be very careful with each step as it is quite risky. I would keep a close eye on children!

      Not recommended for the unfit.

      once you come back down from the mountain and waterfall, there is a stop at a lunch spot The Tour Guides Buddy of course. The prices are over-priced and they give you amenu with 3 course meal 120 dh, 12USD. Keep in mind there is another menu, where you do not have to order all the 3 items, they just wont show you it.

      If you do not want to each lunch, you have no choice but to wait for other group members to finish 1 hour wait

      On the way back there is a stop at a berber house, they show you how they live, pretty interesting.

      Got back around 4 o clock. Overall trip was 7 hours long.

        Qualificação Geral: 8/10
    • Hannah L
      Postado em Martes, 21 de junio del 2016

      I absolutely loved this outing!

      We were collected from our hotel at 9am promptly. Our driver was very friendly and full of great advice. On the way to the waterfalls, we stopped at a Berber market (Fridays only), do NOT venture in. We were two females alone and found it very uncomfortable. The sellers are pushy and harassing. They made me feel very anxious and I ended up spending 400MAD just to escape. They do not take no for an answer and follow you to your vehicle. Avoid at all costs!

      After that unpleasant experience, we stopped at a small cosmetic pharmacy where we were able to see the woman making argan oil whilst the entire process was explained to us. We were then invited to taste the oil (with a wee bit of bread) and purchase items if we wanted to.

      No aggressive sales tactics here. Do try the oil with bread, absolutely divine!!!!

      From there, we continued to meet our guide to proceed up the mountains.

      I would advise that you wear decent hiking sandals as this is not an easy hike, rather more like bouldering. Great fun! The waterfalls themselves were stunning! Our guide was great and friendly (holding my friends hand the whole way to assist her). We went all the way to a café at the top for a much needed bottle of water whilst enjoying the stunning view.

      Luckily we came down a different way to going up so had the opportunity to enjoy different views and some fresh off the tree cherries.

      After the hike, we enjoyed a lunch at a table next to (not in) the water.

      All in all, an amazing day, well worth the cost, I will definitely do this again!

      Remember, avoid the market, wear decent shoes with good grip.

        Qualificação Geral: 8/10
    • Samantha B
      Postado em Martes, 20 de junio del 2017

      Very nice and comfortable car. I was a bit disappointed that the actual tour at the waterfall was not included when the price was 50. The tour was 50 MAD and the lunch was 100 MAD, so fairly insignificant sums to add on, but this could have been included in the original price.

        Qualificação Geral: 6/10
    • Nemesis201077
      Postado em Sábado, 10 de diciembre del 2016

      The trip was fine, well organized collection of passengers and drop-offs to the hotel.
      I would have preferred to travel more directly to the falls, not stopping at another Argon oil cooperative,and artisan shops. These products are available far cheaper in every supermarket.
      The Berber village stop was interesting, although I feel the tour company should make a payment to the hosts, not expect an additional payment to be made from all the visitors. Despite this being a small amount of money it was not something we'd planned to spend additionally and didn't have much small change.
      We had no options on where we were to eat our lunch and were presented with a very expensive in Moroccan terms fixed menu. I would have preferred either to have time in the village to choose our own restaurant, or at least have choice of food and prices.

      The falls were lovely, although it should eb made clear that walking to the top of these is difficult, some rock scrambling and areas of climbing involved. Not suitable for everyone and in places a little scary for those who don't like height.

        Qualificação Geral: 6/10
    • FRAN
      Postado em Jueves, 07 de diciembre del 2017

      Cuidado al contratar la excursión con Viator, ante cualquier problema, no lo asumen. Nuestra experiencia fue que el día de la excursión amaneció lloviendo fuerte en Marrakech. En el punto de encuentro le comentamos al chofer de suspender la excursión por el temporal, pero nos indicó que en el Valle no llovia, por lo que accedimos a ir. Una vez allí, el temporal era igual o peor, por lo que no nos bajamos ni del coche para evitar peligros en el Valle, volviendo a Marrakech. Si no nos hubieran mentido, nos habriamos ahorrado el trayecto. Expusimos el problema a Viator, ya que no se hizo la excursión y nos dicen en nuestra cara que la visita se ha realizado, ya que dan credibilidad al operador antes que al cliente, aun acreditando que no se llegó a realizar. Dinero fácil por un trabajo no realizado, y dinero perdido por clientes por una excursión no disfrutada. Os aviso para que no os pase lo mismo ante un problema, ya que hay más sitios donde contratar la excursión. Espero os sirva de ayuda.

        Qualificação Geral: 2/10

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