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Exciting Kamakura - One Day Tour from Tokyo

a partir US$ 293 / R$ 1195
Kamakura is called “the Kyoto of Eastern Japan”, because it used to be the capital of Japan from 12th to 14th century. It’s the first government by the Shogun, ...

Duração: 8 hours 30 minutes
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Design Your Own Hanko Name Seal

a partir US$ 75 / R$ 306
Would you like to know how to write your name in Japanese? We can show you several ways to write your name in Japanese and make an original seal as a unique souvenir ...

Duração: 45 minutes
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Kamakura, Eastern Kyoto with lots of temples and shrines

a partir US$ 221 / R$ 902
Kamakura is such a compact city that you can see the whole area within a day. One of the representative sight-seeing spots is Big Image of Buddha in Kotokuin temple. ...

Duração: 9 hours

Samurai Phototours - A Fun Day Out Discovering Kamakura

a partir US$ 107 / R$ 437
Hi, I’m Peter. I was born in England, but I’ve lived most of life in Japan. I would be delighted to show you around Kamakura, where I presently live, and share w ...

Duração: 5 hours

Kamakura local student private customized full day tour!

a partir US$ 54 / R$ 220
We are students from local high school in Kamakura!!

We would love to show you around our favorite place where are both sightseeing spots and backstreets bas ...

Duração: 3 to 6 hours
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Private Kamakura Walking Tour

a partir US$ 326 / R$ 1330
Kamakura was Japan's first feudal capital from 12th century to 14th century. It is surrounded by 3 mountains and ocean and known for many historically significant Bu ...

Duração: 6 hours
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Half-Day Kamakura Walking Tour with Kotokuin (Great Buddha)

a partir US$ 120 / R$ 490
Kamakura where ‘Kamakura shogunate’ is the first Japanese Samurai administration had started has a lot of historical temples, shrines, and other historic sites. ...

Duração: 5 hours
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Kamakura Scenic Bike Tour

a partir US$ 135 / R$ 551
Come join a six-hour bicycle tour that beautifully opens up the history and nature of Kamakura and adds in some good food too! Visit a temple with a history of more ...

Duração: 6 hours
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Private Tour - A Journey through Kamakura on the Enoshima Electric Railway

a partir US$ 104 / R$ 424
Visit temples and shrines, a giant Buddha and an island in Kamakura!

Kamakura City is famous for its sea and temples. On this tour your otomo tour guide will ...

Duração: 6 to 7 hours

1-Day Kamakura Private Custom Tour from Tokyo by Chartered Vehicle

a partir US$ 693 / R$ 2827
This is a full-day custom tour ideal for small group. After selecting your preferred choice of transportation from an alphard, van or limousine, your group will expl ...

Duração: 10 hours

Private 6hr Historic Kamakura: Temples, Shrines and street food walking tour.

a partir US$ 202 / R$ 824
Enjoy a fun and relaxing tour of historic Kamakura on this 6 hour tour with a knowledgeable guide.

Visit fascinating temples and shrines and learn about Kama ...

Duração: 6 hours

Kamakura Private Tour by public transportation

a partir US$ 409 / R$ 1669
Enjoy ancient capital Kamakura on a professional guided private tour. This tour uses public transport. Even if you change buses and trains at unfamiliar tourist dest ...

Duração: 9 hours

Kamakura Rickshaw Tour

a partir US$ 49 / R$ 200
The staff, with a rich knowledge of the city, will help make a special memory for your trip. We will take you to see interesting things you would not find in guidebo ...

Duração: 30 to 120 minutes
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VASARA Kimono Rental in Kamakura

a partir US$ 34 / R$ 139
VASARA kimono rental has the largest numbers of shop in Japan.

There are 2 shops in Kamakura.

Kamakura Komachi-dori shop, 2-8-7, Komachi, Kamakura-shi ...

Duração: 1 hour

Private Tour - Japanese Scenic Views and Photo Opportunities in Kamakura

a partir US$ 108 / R$ 441
Take the kinds of photos you will want to show off back home!

Once the political center of Japan, Kamakura is an old Japanese city filled with a number of tem ...

Duração: 6 to 7 hours

Private Half-Day Muslim-Friendly Tour of Kamakura

a partir US$ 96 / R$ 392
Kamakura is a popular tourist city in Japan for Muslim travelers around the world. Kamakura is surrounded by an open sea and has lush mountains surrounding its thre ...

Duração: 5 hours
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Private Tour - A Tour Full of Traditional Experiences in Kamakura

a partir US$ 99 / R$ 404
Experience sutra tracing, zazen meditation and a tea ceremony.

Sutra tracing with a brush and ink and emptying one's mind through zazen meditation both come ...

Duração: 5 to 6 hours

Pottery at Private Studio in Kamakura

a partir US$ 49 / R$ 200
You can create your own rice bowl and a chopstick rest as a souvenir of your visit to Japan.

After drying and firing, you will receive your artwork. Enjoy you ...

Duração: 1 hour 30 minutes

Private Tour - A Tour of Kamakura and Enoshima for Train Lovers

a partir US$ 99 / R$ 404
Ride the Enoshima Electric Railway along the coast of Kamakura!

The Enoshima Electric Railway, known as Enoden, is a retro train line loved by the locals and ...

Duração: 6 to 7 hours
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Kamakura Nature & Culture Tour

a partir US$ 87 / R$ 355
There are 4 highlights of this experience.
(1)Trying out local Japanese sweets on Komachi street.
(2)Venturing through Kamakura's historical shrines and temple ...

Duração: 4 hours 30 minutes

Hidden Temples in Kamakura

a partir US$ 57 / R$ 233
Once the capital of Japan, Kamakura, is located about an hour south of Tokyo by train. This small city will give you very different vibes compared to Tokyo in its pe ...

Duração: 3 hours

Kamakura Highlights Kotokuin and Hasedera with National Licensed Guide

a partir US$ 36 / R$ 147
With a National Licensed and Experienced English speaking guide, you can see Japan's background that is off-limits to ordinary tourists after the tour. This 90 min s ...

Duração: 1 hour 30 minutes

Private Tour - Excellent locations and Good Food for Kamakura First-Timers

a partir US$ 143 / R$ 583
A city everyone should visit once in their lives; Kamakura.

Want a good taste of Kamakura and its local food? Your otomo tour guide will take you on a well th ...

Duração: 4 to 5 hours

Kamakura Full-Day Private Tour

a partir US$ 182 / R$ 743
You can enjoy a guided sightseeing tour only with your family and friends.

This tour is a tour using public transportation.

The destinations of the tou ...

Duração: 6 hours 30 minutes

Private Tour - A Tour of Retro Japanese Toys

a partir US$ 104 / R$ 424
Visit old toy shops in Kamakura

Kamakura is an old city full of temples, which is popular with tourists from all over Japan and all over the world. Kamakura i ...

Duração: 4 to 5 hours

Kamakura Japanese Soba Noodles Cooking with a Master

a partir US$ 67 / R$ 273

After feeling the history of Japan from a national treasure, Kamakura Daibutsu (the Great Buddha), why don’t you learn Japanese cuisine throug ...

Duração: 2 hours

Traditional Private Geisha Experience and Banquet Show in Kamakura

a partir US$ 665 / R$ 2713
Be entertained by two Geishas while you enjoy a meal in a an extraordinary 100 year old traditional Japanese house. At least one of the geisha will be fluent in Engl ...

Duração: 2 hours

Kamakura Private Tour based on your request

a partir US$ 177 / R$ 722
Kamakura used to be a center of politics in the 12th century.

There are many historical places from that period. There are lots of shrines and temples.
< ...

Duração: 7 hours

Kamakura Highlights Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Tour with National Licensed Guide

a partir US$ 24 / R$ 98
With a National Licensed and Experienced English speaking guide, you can see Japan's background that is off-limits to ordinary tourists after the tour. This short tr ...

Duração: 1 hour

Learn to Cook Traditional Japanese Food in Kamakura

a partir US$ 99 / R$ 404
”Washoku”, traditional Japanese cuisine, has been added to the UNESCO insensible cultural heritage list. Visit a local house to learn and enjoy cooking either tr ...

Duração: 2 hours 30 minutes

Hase - Enoshima TOUR, the BEST memory you can get from your Kamakura day trip

a partir US$ 106 / R$ 432
You will not find this anywhere else!
It is easy and lots of fun!
People will take pictures of you!
You look super cool!

Duração: 120 to 240 minutes

【Private Tour】Kamakura Highlight Tour for 8 hours

a partir US$ 385 / R$ 1571
An old traditional city, Kamakura. Kamakura has traditional shrines and temples. On the other hand, it also has modern shops and restaurants. If you want to experi ...

Duração: 8 hours

Homemade sushi &supermarket tour

a partir US$ 40 / R$ 163
Yoko & Reiko, we both have experience of study abroad and also love cooking and learning foreign culture.
Yoko owned a restaurant in Tokyo before settling down he ...

Duração: 2 hours

Cooking and Japanese Garden Party in Authentic Traditional House

a partir US$ 102 / R$ 416
My place is a Japanese classic style house which has been built 80years ago. You can enjoy a Japanese old day custom in a very quiet and private atmosphere. We have ...

Duração: 3 hours

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