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Airport Transfer

a partir US$ 25 / R$ 102
We provide personalized service and ensure that your holiday begins on a good note.
Provide good service that is unmatched in terms of delivery

Duração: 30 minutes

Harare City Highlights

a partir US$ 98 / R$ 400
Spend the day enjoying and experiencing the best of Harare termed the City that Never sleeps as it is vibrant and alive at all times.
Its the best way to spend th ...

Duração: 1 day

Harare Airport Transfers

a partir US$ 31 / R$ 126
With our drivers we will pick you up at your destination and transfer you to your desired location around Harare.

Duração: 30 to 60 minutes

Mutorashanga Day Trip

a partir US$ 147 / R$ 600
This activity is truly amazing. You won't find much fun like this anywhere else around Harare.

Come and join us!

Duração: 8 hours

Zimbabwe 9-Day Safari, Botswana Chobe National Park Day Trip

a partir US$ 2530 / R$ 10322
This is a fully guided tour package taking you to the very best of Zimbabwe plus a day trip in Chobe national park (Botswana). Throughout the 9-day Safari you will h ...

Duração: 9 days
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Great Zimbabwe Ruins - Day Tour

a partir US$ 266 / R$ 1085
Exploring Great Zimbabwe is in the Top 5 things to do in Zimbabwe. Did you know it is the second largest ancient structure in Africa after the Pyramids in Egypt? So ...

Duração: 10 hours
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Thetford Rhino & Wildlife Experience

a partir US$ 109 / R$ 445
We offer the transfer service to Thetford and back, with quality vehicles. The experience is booked for just those with us, so we won't have anyone else adding to th ...

Duração: 5 hours
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Full-Day Harare City Tour

a partir US$ 194 / R$ 792
Harare, known as Salisbury before 1982, is the largest city in Zimbabwe. It is full of beautiful architectural and cultural landmarks, including attractive cathedral ...

Duração: 1 day
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Harare Historical & Cultural Tour

a partir US$ 130 / R$ 530
This tour gives special emphasis on Zimbabwe's history and culture with highlights such as the pre colonial, colonial and post colonial history of the country. By en ...

Duração: 4 hours

Harare City Tour

a partir US$ 1 / R$ 4
Harare has a massive historical and cultural background. Over the last century, massive changes have taken place.

We would love to share the history and heri ...

Duração: 6 to 7 hours

Chinhoyi Caves Excursion

a partir US$ 138 / R$ 563
Enjoy a day trip to Chinhoyi Caves located in the Mashonaland West Province. Explore the network of caves under the surface. An extensive limestone cave system with ...

Duração: 5 to 6 hours

Transfer to and from Harare International Airport (Robert Gabriel Int Airport

a partir US$ 87 / R$ 355
This is an airport shuttle service that also includes meet and assist services. Clients are met on arrival at the airport and taken to their place of accommodation. ...

Duração: 30 minutes

Game Drive at Lake Chivero with Rhino Tracking

a partir US$ 199 / R$ 812
Experience a game drive and rhino tracking just 45 minutes from Harare! Learn how the environment and community help protect these amazing animals.

Duração: 7 hours

Explore Zimbabwe's Oldest Township

a partir US$ 13 / R$ 53
Visit Harare and go for a 4-hour walking township tour in Mbare, which is Zimbabwe's oldest township. See the pre-colonial Zimbabwe, diverse religious sects and th ...

Duração: 4 hours

Visit The Ancient Mutoko Ruins

a partir US$ 27 / R$ 110
Get to know this Zimbabwe town of Mutoko, and know all about from it's history, and also see varied cave formations here. Do further explorations with visits to th ...

Duração: 10 hours

Explore the Magnificent World of Art in Zimbabwe's Capital

a partir US$ 14 / R$ 57
Harare has more to offer than you could possibly imagine, not even locals have fully explored this metropolitan city. If it is your first time travelling to Africa, ...

Duração: 4 hours

Explore Lake Chivero and Kuimba Shiri Bird Park

a partir US$ 9 / R$ 37
Enjoy the quietness at Lake Chivero Recreational Park and see special indigenous birds at Kuimba Shiri bird park in this short tour to Zimbabwe . Try out varied f ...

Duração: 5 hours

Authentic Local Food

a partir US$ 61 / R$ 249
Taste the most delicious and scrumptious food in a private dinner setting. Enjoy meals passed down from generation to generation. Focus will be on meals from the Sho ...

Duração: 5 hours

5 Day Mana Pools - Kariba Safari

a partir US$ 2709 / R$ 11053
Enjoy the Zambezi basin is this 5 day breathtaking Safari. Mana Pools is known for wildlife visibility beside the river and in the flood plains. Large populations of ...

Duração: 5 days

2 Nights Kariba House Boat Experience

a partir US$ 1738 / R$ 7091
Experience the largest man-made fresh water reservoir in the world

Find out the mysteries and myths of the Nyaminyami

Enjoy Zambezi Bream and Tiger Fis ...

Duração: 3 days

Visit The Thetford Game Reserve

a partir US$ 23 / R$ 94
Visit the Thetford Game Reserve for views of animal breeding and conservation. See the endangered White Rhino species here. You can also do thrilling game drives a ...

Duração: 8 hours

Explore the Picturesque Eastern Highlands

a partir US$ 232 / R$ 947
Imbibe in evergreen landscapes and mountain views. Do steep hikes at Castle Kopje to see the magnificient Bvumba mountains. Known as a hiker's paradise , you are ...

Duração: 5 days

Play With Cobalt Blue Waters at Chinhoyi Caves

a partir US$ 12 / R$ 49
See the best of Zimbabwe in this short tour with a visit to the Chinhoyi Caves -  group of limestone and dolomite caves. Get mesmerised with the natural pools ...

Duração: 8 hours

Great Zimbabwe & Culture Village 2-Day Tour

a partir US$ 429 / R$ 1750
Experience true Zimbabwe. Begin with a visit to the past of this extraordinary nation with a guided tour of the Great Zimbabwe Monument, then experience the culture ...

Duração: 2 days

Magic Christmas Tour in Bulawayo city

a partir US$ 689 / R$ 2811
The exclusive tour only in the Christmas period! This special time brings magic Bulawayo city. Together with the professional local guide, you will visit the most be ...

Duração: 2 hours

Car Hire & Chauffer Services

a partir US$ 164 / R$ 669
Professional service and reliable vehicles.
Flexible terms
Breakdown service
Roadside Assistance 24hr service

Duração: 1 to 6 days

12-Day Zimbabwe Safari Tour from Victoria Falls

a partir US$ 3353 / R$ 13680
Experience the major highlights of Zimbabwe that is Harare, Eastern highlands, Great Zimbabwe, Matopos Park , Hwange National Park and Victoria Falls.  Its dramatic ...

Duração: 12 days

Around Zimbabwe Trip - (North-East-South-West)

a partir US$ 7719 / R$ 31494
Zimbabwe is beautiful. This Around Zimbabwe Trip explores the top 'must-go' places in Zimbabwe in only 17 days and it's a guarantee one will not regret this tour. A ...

Duração: 17 days

Great Zimbabwe & Lake Mtirikwi Tour

a partir US$ 156 / R$ 636
Built in the 11th Century, this large collection of stone ruins and UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a glimpse to ancient civilisation, history and culture. The tou ...

Duração: 3 days

Family Tour of Harare

a partir US$ 17 / R$ 69
You are travelling with your children and cannot seem to find what to do with them that they will enjoy? Well, we have you covered! We have great relationships with ...

Duração: 7 hours 30 minutes

Private Vehicle & Chauffeur Services

a partir US$ 217 / R$ 885
This service is private, exclusive and tailor-made to suit clients' specific requirements. Our Driver/Guides will do all the planning and make the necessary arrangem ...

Duração: 7 to 8 hours

Journey Back in Time in the Sunshine City

a partir US$ 32 / R$ 131
Live through pre-colonial times, the coming of the first settlers, colonial rule and failed black resistance on this 8-hour private guided tour to contemporary Zimba ...

Duração: 8 hours

9-Day Zimbabwe Highlights Tour from Harare

a partir US$ 5310 / R$ 21665
Discover the highlights of Zimbabwe. This tour combines the beauty of Lake Kariba and Hwange National Park with the history of the Great Zimbabwe ruins and Matoba Na ...

Duração: 9 days

The Best of Harare City Tour by Car

a partir US$ 621 / R$ 2534
Harare has more to offer than you could possibly imagine, not even locals have fully explored this metropolitan yet full of historical value city. If you just have a ...

Duração: 4 to 5 hours

See Domboshava Cave & Climb Ngoma Kurira Hill Tour

a partir US$ 12 / R$ 49
Explore the best of Zimbabwe highlights at Domboshava village and Ngoma Kurira Hill - known for it's red color hills. Do steep mountain climbs and explore cave pai ...

Duração: 7 hours 30 minutes

Zimbabwe Round Trip

a partir US$ 5522 / R$ 22530
It's a unique experience as guests get to explore the best parts of Zimbabwe . It will definitely be an unforgettable trip.

Duração: 14 days

Taste Zimbabwe's Authentic Delicious Cuisines

a partir US$ 32 / R$ 131
Take this guided food-filled tour adventure where you are guaranteed the best of some mouth-watering lineup of delectable delicacies for the soul and infuse the ...

Duração: 8 hours

Mbare Cultural Tour

a partir US$ 61 / R$ 249
The Mbare Cultural Tour is a celebration of the rich and diverse cultural and historical flavours in Zimbabwe. This pioneer township has been described as the heartb ...

Duração: 4 hours

Harare: Discover Zimbabwe's Rich Culture

a partir US$ 23 / R$ 94
Travel through the symbols that make Harare unique - the leading religions, family life (together with Shona cooking lessons), the fashion and more on this 8-hour pr ...

Duração: 8 hours

Destination Transfers

a partir US$ 128 / R$ 522
Hilton Transfers International specializes in VIP Airport, Corporate and Safari Transfers / Shuttles. Customer focus comes at the epitome of our service delivery; we ...

Duração: 1 to 3 hours

Stargazing on The Wilderness (Harare Night's Tour)

a partir US$ 2300 / R$ 9384
Do you ever wonder what it is like to gaze into the sky on wilderness? Accompanied by nature and animals friend like giraffes, zebra, deer and others, whilst the sun ...

Duração: 3 hours

Bally Vaughan Bird & Game Sanctuary Tour

a partir US$ 36 / R$ 147
Combine this trip with both flora and wildlife explorations. At Ewanrigg Botanical Gardens, see variety of flower plants including that of aloes and cycads. At Ball ...

Duração: 5 hours

Magic Christmas Tour in Harare

a partir US$ 689 / R$ 2811
The exclusive tour only in the Christmas period! This special time brings magic Harare city. Together with the professional local guide, you will visit the most beau ...

Duração: 2 hours

Harare Full Day City Tour

a partir US$ 152 / R$ 620
The essence of this tour is to introduce visitors to Harare, Sunshine City and capital city of Zimbabwe. The tour includes entrance into Galleries containing contemp ...

Duração: 2 to 7 hours

All art experience....diverse and engaging!!

a partir US$ 33 / R$ 135
There is no other tour in Zimbabwe that is just exclusive art and takes you to places where you can experience art in its different forms. Tours can also be arranged ...

Duração: 4 to 7 hours

Mutoko Culture & Heritage Tour

a partir US$ 83 / R$ 339
Immerse yourself in Zimbabwean culture and heritage during this jam-packed trip. From agriculture, mysterious stories of times past, ancient civilisation, living mus ...

Duração: 3 days

Take a Bit of Zimbabwe Back Home

a partir US$ 10 / R$ 41
Whatever you fancy, this tour will make sure you take a little “Zimbabwe” back home! There is something for everyone in the indoor and outdoor markets. Best of a ...

Duração: 4 hours

Zimbabwean Dishes Cooking Class

a partir US$ 10 / R$ 41
Our activity can be customized and you will get an insight into local Zimbabwean life. We've been cooking since childhood with our grandmothers, and our passion for ...

Duração: 1 day 3 hours

Feel the Heartbeat of the City that Never Sleeps

a partir US$ 13 / R$ 53
This is a unique chance to discover the romance and mysteries of Harare, you are bound to find something that tickles your fancy, regardless of your taste. The tour ...

Duração: 4 hours


a partir US$ 3196 / R$ 13040
Are you thirsting for memorable, exhilarating experience that gives you a glimpse and feel of the Zimbabwean socio-cultural environment. 'Zimbabwe, A World of Wonder ...

Duração: 8 days

8-Day Mana Pools & Chitake 4x4 Safari

a partir US$ 3323 / R$ 13558
Mana Pools and Chitake Springs are unique safari destinations due to the abundance of wildlife there and the freedom guests have to WALK in the wild.

Private ...

Duração: 7 to 28 days

Explore Giants Playground

a partir US$ 72 / R$ 294
As I have grown up climbing rocks in my youth, we have a unique ability to take you places most people don't know about. Upon special request, we can set up a short ...

Duração: 4 to 6 hours


a partir US$ 229 / R$ 934
Shinja village is not a touristic place and this means you will get an authentic and unique experience of Zimbabwe .

Duração: 2 days

Great Zimbabwe Ruins Day Trip from Harare!

a partir US$ 302 / R$ 1232
This tour is suitable for those on a budget with a sense of adventure! Travelers can travel to Great Zimbabwe Ruins and back to Harare in one day.Great Zimbabwe Ruin ...

Duração: 8 hours

Kariba: Boating, Fishing and Cave Exploration

a partir US$ 51 / R$ 208
Come explore these popular cities and resort towns in Zimbabwe. Do relaxed cruise rides with fishing as an option and sleep in the middle of the lake at night. Be s ...

Duração: 3 days

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